The 9 Ingredients of Success

1) Belief - You have to believe without a doubt that you have what it takes to be a successful business person, property investor or what ever it is you want to be. Absolute faith in yourself that you can do it, believe you can do it and ultimately nothing will stop you.

2) Desire – You have to have a burning hunger to achieve whatever your goals are no matter what stands in your way. That DESIRE will drive you where others can't go. There is remarkable power within defiant desire and clear purpose.

3) Persistence – This is one of the least known ingredients of entrepreneurs. So many talented people have fallen foul of stopping when life dealt them failure. Failure creates wisdom, if you haven't failed then you haven't really been in business. When you have failed and things are going wrong, it's then that persistence that will see you past the point when it seems there is nowhere else to go. Keep going, because if you do, you WILL see that all successful people have the ability to push on when others give up.

4) Passion – Passion is also not well known as an ingredient to success. You HAVE to love what you do, be excited by it, be inspired by it. It has to make your mind race and your heart thump. That may be your vision of financial freedom, hitting targets that work or building a property portfolio or even a business empire. At times even the things you are passionate about will seem hard. One thing is for certain – if you are not passionate about your Goals, then you will not be as successful as if you were!

5) Planning – It is critical to have an Organized Plan. Many people have what it takes to be successful but lack the plan to go all the way. Many people have failed because their lack of planning meant that they did not consider potential circumstances that killed their businesses in the future. If they had planned their finances, mainly costs and income, then failure is avoidable!

Tip of the year – Keep your costs low and your income high and generally you will not fail!

6) Team – Even the most successful actors have a team, even they are not one man bands. You absolutely must surround yourself with people that share your vision, believe in it and are also good at things that maybe you are not! It's having that team of people that compliment each other in each area of the business, be that selling, managing money, providing the service or coming up with the new ideas. If you have that team, it could be 2 or 20 you will be well on your way to being successful!

7) Goals and Vision – Some one in your team, maybe you and/or others will come up with the ideas, goals and visions. You all have to buy into that vision and fight for that goal until you get it. If you think you want success but you lack the goal and clear vision of exactly what that consists of then you will never get there, you must have and stick to that vision no matter what.

8) Decision Making – Another very important skill that you must have is the ability to make decisions. It sounds simple but many have a hard time doing it. Have you ever ummed and ahhed about something important? We all have. So much time is wasted and so many opportunities to be successful are missed because people just don’t say Yes or No. You must be able to make a decision as quickly as possible and then stick by it. Don’t ever fear making the wrong one, just do it and move on. Branson did.

9) Positivity – Finally the most important ingredient of all. The POSITIVE attitude is the foundation of any successful person – That means when things are tough, stay positive. When you don’t get what you want - stay positive, when things are taking longer than planned – stay positive. The reason for this is simple- You get what you give, you receive what you believe. Negative expectations and thoughts will certainly bring negative results. Expect to have a hard time and you will get one. Likewise, expect to have success and happiness and you will receive it , its very simple.

These principles have been practiced by entrepreneurs. since the beginning of the 20th century. Many, many excellent publications are available and we believe undoubtedly that all the above are the way to a happier and more rewarding life and business. Good luck on YOUR journey.